The Pi Team

photo of John Watson

John Watson

Chief Visionary Officer

Web 3.0 evangelist and new technology addict; SEO, SEM, Social Media and Marketing analyst; Lead Generation super freak…captivated by love, deep thought, photography, Shakespeare…

Adoration for my best friend and wife Nicole; Hannah Bea and Ashley Zona are the ladies that motivate me to be a better father and Christian man; Johnny is the son that tests and loves all at the same time!

Specialties: SEO, Marketing

photo of Matt Rody

Matt Rody

Chief Executive Officer

I love turning ideas into reality, and helping people reach their full potential.  I am the battery that keeps the lights from turning off.  Leading with revenue is my job!

My pastime:  I love working out, annoying people about nutrition and spending time with my awesome wife and kids!

Specialties: Finance, Business Administration

photo of Vince Callaway

Vince Callaway

Chief Technology Officer

Vince is dependable, honest and technically astute. He prefers a challenge over mediocrity. Vince prides himself in the ability to learn new things quickly. In his off time, Vince enjoys sports photography and building/driving race cars.

Specialties: Java, Cassandra, No-SQL

photo of Kory Mathis

Kory Mathis

Chief Web Officer

Web developer and UI guy passionate about creativity and self-advancement. Happiest when lost in a project and learning something new. Loves Seattle but misses pizza from New York. Writing and recording music captivates me!

Specialties: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Page performance, PHP